Weddings at Edwards Mansion

Weddings are spectacular at Edwards Mansion. Discover the special venues and services we offer exclusively for your memorable day. We are located in the heart of the Inland Empire, making it easy to travel from anywhere in Southern California. Click on the venue and service names for more information.

Wedding Chapel learn more

Our quaint, turn-of-the-century wedding chapel has sparkling stained glass windows in all colors of the rainbow and an antique steeple bell that rings out the glad tidings at the beginning and end of your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Gazebos learn more

Our beautiful, garden gazebos offer a private, outdoor area for your wedding ceremony. Each one has its own unique style and space for guests to attend.

Carriage House Bridal Suite learn more

Adjacent the mansion, the Bridal Suite in the Carriage House Loft, is a quaint newlywed hideaway.

Its cozy setup is condo-esc, ensuring everything you need is on hand, so you and your partner never have to leave.

Victorian Tea Garden learn more

The Victoria Tea Garden is like stepping into a world where elegance reigns supreme. Perfect for your reception or pre-reception hord’oeuvre gathering, it provides plenty of shade to keep guests cool while letting in enough light to make the atmosphere welcoming.

Orange Grove Wedding Pavilions learn more

The Orange Grove Wedding Pavilion provides an outdoor option for wedding receptions, conferences or proms that don’t want to be controlled by Mother Nature. The lower ceilings created by the fabric give the space an intimate feel, while the large tent windows keep it light and airy.